Post-graduate training courses (CPD)

Advanced training on ultrasound examination of joints:
(2 Modules)

In english - 35 participants maximum.
Cost : 850€ for each course (1500€ if participation to both courses)
(Training not subject to VAT)

- Ultrasonographic diagnosis : distal limbs injuries (Foot, Pastern, Fetlock, Metacarpus / Metatarsus, Proximal suspensory ligament (forelimb and hindlimb), Carpal canal), the 20th & 21th of June 2019 at CIRALE (14)

- Ultrasonographic diagnosis : proximal limbs and axis (Shoulder, Elbow, Coxofemoral, joint, Stifle, Hock, Cervical spine, Back, Pelvis), the 24th & 25th of June 2019 at CIRALE (14)

Information about ultrasound courses:
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