Can I directly take an appointment at the CIRALE to bring my horse for a consultation?
No, the CIRALE is only a referral center; each horse should be sent by his treating vet. Your veterinarian decides to refer your horse to the center and he calls the secretary of the CIRALE to make an appointment for you.

Can my horse be treated at the CIRALE?
The CIRALE is a imaging and diagnostic center, treatments are not performed by the CIRALE’s clinicians. When the treating vet is present at the CIRALE during the consultation of the horse, he can decide to realise the local treatments (for example ultrasound-guided injections) with the help of the center’s clinicians. Exceptionnally, the referring vet can ask the clinicians of the CIRALE to perform the treatments.

How much does a consultation at the CIRALE will cost?
It is impossible to precisely answer this question because the total amount depends on the number of imaging exam performed. Nevertheless, as a guideline only:
- complete locomotor check-up with back and neck radiographs can cost from 600 to 1200 €
- whole body nuclear bone scan (nuclear scintigraphy), with complementary imaging exams (X-rays and ultrasound) – 2200 to 3000 € ;
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – 950 to 1600 € depending on the number of joints examined.

Should my horse stay at the CIRALE several days for the exams?
If your horse comes for a consultation and does not need nuclear bone scan or MRI, then you can leave with your horse at noon or in the evening once the exams are finished.
However, horses coming for nuclear bone scan (scintigraphy) need to be hospitalized at least 48 hours (withdrawal time of the radioactive drug injected for the scintigraphy).
MRI exams are usually performed during the day and don’t require the hospitalization of the horse. In cases of complexe request (several joints to examine), it is possible that we ask the horse to stay overnight. The secretary will precise each time the modalities and housing request during the appointment scheduling.

Is the CIRALE reserved to high level sport or race horses?
No, the CIRALE is an imaging center open to all horses, from any discipline and level, as long as they are referred by their treating vet.

Can I come for an externship or a visit to the CIRALE?
The activities of the CIRALE are very specialized in equine locomotor pathology and imaging.
Veterinary students from the National Vet School of Alfort (ENVA) and Nantes (ONIRIS) are coming as externs during their last year of scholarship. Only vet students can come as externs, and foreign veterinarians as visiting doctors.