Practical information about interpretation of imaging files

1 – Files for radiographic interpretation should be sent with a written letter of the referring veterinarian. Only imaging folders for stallion agreement or breeding purpose can be sent directly at the CIRALE.

2 – The radiographic folders are only read after reception of all the background information, imaging files, referring letter of the vet and payment.

3 – Payment should be issued at the order of the CIRALE (Régie du CIRALE) by cheque or bank transfert before lecture. It takes about 3-4 weeks between the reception of the complete folder and the results of the radiographic interpretation, which can be sent by email upon request.

4 – For stallion agreement to the Selle Français stud-book (protocole DENOIX) and breeding statement, 14 views are required:

- Front feet: 60°dorsopalmar (unshod and with filling of the frog) and lateromedial
- Front fetlocks: lateromedial
- Carpus: dorsopalmar
- Hind digits: lateromedial
- Hocks: lateromedial
- Stifles: lateromedial or caudolateral-craniomedial oblique

5 – The costs for the radiographic interpretations are:
Directly sent by the owner:
- Stallion agreement: 71 euros
- Breeding statement: 71 euros
- Sales FENCES: 86 euros

On request of a referring vet:
- Clinical case: 71 euros
- Prepurchase exam: 150 euros
- Expertise (imaging only): 200 euros
- Expertise (clinical and imaging files): 300 euros
- MRI exam: 300 euros

Price Supplement:
- Emergency interpretation: 51 euros
Sur demande d'un vétérinaire:
- Cas clinique: 71 euros
- Visite d'achat: 150 euros
- Expertise (imagerie seule): 200 euros
- Expertise (dossier clinique et imagerie): 300 euros
- Examen d'IRM: 300 euros

- Interprétation en urgence: 51 euros